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The Edwards Freeman Nut Company. Our Story

The Edwards Freeman Nut Company was established in 1899 by the American Peanut Corp. of Suffolk, Virginia, to process and distribute Virginia-grown peanuts. Several years later, it became one of the nation's leading peanut butter manufacturers.

The American Peanut Corp

predecessor to Edwards-Freeman, started in 1899 and began producing peanut butter in 1902, receiving its patent for Old Dominion in 1905. Edwards-Freeman Nut Company began in 1930 as a branch of the American Peanut Corp. In 1935, two employees of the Millikin division, William Edwards and Eldridge Freeman, purchased the Philadelphia outlet.

In 1959, when the Front Street property faced demolition as a result of the construction of I-95, Edwards-Freeman moved to its present Conshohocken location.